16.1 Simulations on Building Organizational Capacity and Leading Change

Judge, W., & Hill, L. (2010). Change management: Power and influence. Retrieved from http://hbr.org/product/change-management-harvard-managementor- online-modu/an/6789E-HTM-ENG?Ntt= change%2520management%2520power%2520and%2520influence

In this single-player simulation produced by Harvard Business Publishing in Boston, students play one of two roles at a sunglass manufacturing firm and face the challenges associated with implementing an organization-wide environmental sustainability initiative. The initiative seeks to change raw material inputs in order to make the company’s products more “green” and also to address environmental waste issues. The simulation includes up to four scenarios with different combinations of two important factors for creating change: the relative power of the change agent and the relative urgency associated with the change initiative. In each scenario, students choose among different change levers in an attempt to persuade key members of the organization to adopt the change initiative. Students are assessed on their ability to achieve the greatest percentage of adopters within the company while simultaneously using the fewest resources. Appropriate for use in undergraduate, graduate, and executive business programs.

ExperiencePoint. (2010). Experience change simulations. Retrieved from http://www.experiencepoint.com/

In this single-player simulation produced by ExperiencePoint in Toronto, students play the role of a change agent in four different organizational contexts. For the GlobalTech simulation, players lead change in a siloed organization that needs to be more customer focused. For the SkyTech simulation, players lead a corporate social responsibility initiative in a global corporation. For the Lakeview simulation, players implement lean practices to reduce patient wait times in a hospital emergency department. For the Central-Valley view simulation, players balance the needs of internal and external stakeholders as they lead the merger of two hospitals.