2.7 Developing Your Positive Attitude Skills

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn to be happier at work.
  2. Leverage your attitudes for optimum work performance.

Have you ever wondered how you could be happier at work and how greater work satisfaction could improve your overall effectiveness? Here are some ideas that may help you achieve a great sense of peace for yourself as well as when you are working with a negative coworker.

Key Takeaway

Promoting a positive work attitude will increase your overall effectiveness as a manager. You can increase your own happiness at work by knowing yourself as a person, by ensuring that you work at a job and company where you fit in, and by building effective work relationships with your manager, coworkers, and subordinates. Concentrating on the motivating potential of the job when choosing a job and solving the problems you encounter in a proactive manner may be helpful as well.


  1. Do you believe that your own happiness at work is in your hands? What have you done in the past to increase your own satisfaction with work?
  2. Consider the most negative person you work or interact with. Why do you think they focus more on the negative side of life?
  3. On the basis of what you have read in this chapter, can you think of ways in which you can improve your effectiveness in dealing with negative coworkers?