Chapter 2 Overview of the Six-Step Job Search Process

Figure 2.1 The Six-Step Job Search Process


The What and How of Looking for a Job

In the previous chapter, we talked about the why of looking for a job—the reason and the life situation that cause you to search now. This is the variable component of your job search as it changes over time—your next job search may well be for different reasons.

In this chapter, we introduce the six-step job search process, or the what and how of looking for a job. This is a constant structure for your job search, regardless of the reason that may be prompting you to search.

While the specifics of the what and how you look for a job will differ based on your job search technique, personality, and the job market, all job searches share three common characteristics:

  1. Job seekers want something (likely more than one thing) in their next job.
  2. Job seekers meet with prospective employers who can provide these things.
  3. Job seekers and employers decide to work together.

Whether it’s an internship, a full-time job, or a career change, every successful search progresses through these three stages. Therefore, if you can move through this progression, taking into account your individual circumstances, then you will meet with job search success. This book breaks down the previously listed job search progression even further into six concrete steps you can take to get the job you want:

  1. Identify your target.
  2. Create a powerful marketing campaign.
  3. Conduct in-depth research (of jobs, companies, and industries).
  4. Network and interview.
  5. Stay motivated and organized and troubleshoot your search.
  6. Negotiate and close the offer.

Step 1 is where you define what you want. Step 2 is where you attract prospective employers. Step 3 is where you learn in detail about prospective employers so you are prepared when you meet. You likely have done some general exploration into industries, companies, or jobs over your lifetime, which gives you a sense of what you want (for step 1). The research in step 3 is about diving deep and gaining specific knowledge and expertise into your short list of targets. Step 4 gives you the technique for networking meetings and interviews. Step 5 keeps you on track. Step 6 gives you the techniques to negotiate and close an offer—that is, finalizing the deal with an employer who wants to work together.

Follow the six-step process to ensure you are doing everything you need to do to get the job you want. Having a process keeps you moving forward to your end goal.